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Sparekassen Faaborg's corporate philosophy
An independent bank achieving good results
The objective of Sparekassen Faaborg is to remain independent, to achieve good results and to have a decent solvency. We will then be free to implement new activities and to make necessary changes and thereby have the best chance to remain independent. We aim at being among the best banks listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, measured on the return on equity.
The bank for life for household customers
We aim at being a bank for life for household customers. This means that we assist each customer - big or small, young or old - on important issues such as purchase/sale of real property, securities investments and pension. We meet our customers with real interest, support their ideas and initiatives and give them competent and relevant financial advising.
The bank for the local corporate sector
We aim at being a professional corporate bank for the local corporate section. We have 2 local corporate customer departments, which give competent financial advising and sparring. We meet our corporate customers with interest and support their ideas and initiatives for the enterprises they run. Our chains of command are short and much of the time the local centre can make their own decisions. Thereby we ensure that our corporate customers experience a practical everyday with banking that works in an efficient and simple manner.
Return above average and benefits to shareholders
Our objective is to achieve that a majority of our customers own shares in our bank, because shareholders - beyond having influence on the bank's philosophy and strategy via the general meeting - also can benefit from favourable deposit offers. It is desirable that all employees of Sparekassen Faaborg are shareholders and thus can directly benefit from the good results they have helped to achieve. Our objective is to achieve above average return on the share when compared to other banks, and we define return on the share as dividend received plus increases in price. If needed, some of the profit made shall remain in Sparekassen Faaborg and "work" in order to ensure constant growth and ability to bring new activities underway. We aim at stable earnings through good and sound customer activities and through "the long haul".
Success - a joint project
Our objective is to succeed with what we are doing. We know that success in what we are doing is achieved by hard work and joint efforts among the employees. Therefore we aim at creating a working environment in which the employees can be successful, happy and proud of their place of work. We expect that every employee does his very best all the time. We give our employees the very best opportunities for personal development and skilled training and also the powers to make own decisions.

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