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Investor relations

The share capital of Sparekassen Faaborg A/S amounts to DKK 112m. The Sparekassen Faaborg Foundation, established in connection with Sparekassen Faaborg converting into a public limited company in 1990, owns approx. 45 percent of the shares. The remaining part is owned by approx. 10,500 shareholders, the majority of which is also bank customers in Spare-kassen Faaborg. Information about voting rights and limitation of ownership can be found on Sparekassen Faaborg?s website under Corporate Governance.
Investor Relation (IR) Policy
The purpose of Sparekassen Faaborg?s IR Policy is to ensure that the share market has a fast, equal and simple access to relevant information about Sparekassen Faaborg and its activities, among others financial and operational matters as well as future expectations in order to be able to price the share on a well-informed basis.
Sparekassen Faaborg publishes annual reports, interim reports, and quarterly reports as well as other corporate announcements in Danish and English.
The Internet is to a very large extent used by Sparekassen Faaborg in order to communicate investor related information. Sparekassen Faaborg?s website among others contains current and historic IR information including financial statements and other corporate announcements.
Each year after the general meeting a shareholders? meeting is held in each of the 3 share-holder regions Faaborg, Assens, and Odense.
Annual general meeting and shareholders? meetings shall be convened by insertion of an-nouncements in accordance with the articles of association. In addition hereto Sparekassen Faaborg forwards an agenda to all named shareholders.
It is the executive board, who, in agreement with the supervisory board, is in charge of providing the share market with current information about Sparekassen Faaborg. The execu¬tive office attends to the day-to-day handling of the IR Policy and can be contacted for further information. The intention is to respond to all enquiries about Sparekassen Faaborg soonest possible.
Questions, if any, please contact:
Sparekassen Faaborg
Executive Office
Markedspladsen 15
DK-5600 Faaborg

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